Datt Express, Cross Border Infrastructure Leader


The crossing of goods across the border between the United States and Mexico is a cornerstone of the economy between the two countries, a commercial relationship to which we provide the modes and routes through the fundamental components for the transit of such trade: land transportation and border crossing procedures.

For exports and imports

U.S. companies find more space in other markets, interested in offering their products to more consumers in the neighboring Mexican territory, for which they need to organize their exports; and in the reverse case, manufacturers and marketers in the Aztec country require the reception of products from their suppliers in the USA.

In one way or another, companies that intend to move their goods from the USA to Mexico, must face the complexities of logistics and the corresponding legal aspects of the border crossing by means of international land transportation, as the most used method due to its flexibility and economy, as main attributes.

Of the largest transport fleets

Road travel is our specialty at Datt Express, putting in its logistical lineup our own land fleets made up of heavy-duty vehicles with great capacity to meet both the sum of massive demand and specific orders.

By having our exclusive units we guarantee the integrity of the process and the diligence in the transfer, with speed and security of delivery, taking direct charge of all the necessary procedures step by step.

Our extensive experience and qualification in ground transportation of goods, bridge the gap for your business to go further, contact us.