Large moves: 7 tips to make your move a success

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Large moves: 7 tips to make your move a success


arge moves require good organization and advance planning. Putting these considerations into practice will save you a lot of headaches and the stress that this type of event generates. Moving involves changes that take us out of our comfort zone and overwhelm us.

If you want your move to go perfectly, you must avoid making mistakes and establish specific tasks that you must fulfill. The key is to dedicate yourself to the entire process involved at least two weeks in advance. For your convenience, it is best to hire the services of a moving company.

What do large moving services include?

The “essential service” of large moves includes the moving of household goods and other items, as well as their loading and unloading. But, depending on the agreement, these companies also offer “complementary services” such as packing, moving and storage services. In addition, you can request nationwide moving services.

We suggest that you analyze your needs and your budget to choose the service that best suits your needs. Next, we will talk about the most common services of a moving company.

  • Customer Service. This is of great importance, since the good treatment of the company towards the client is evidence of commitment and seriousness.
  • Transfer services. Check if they do local, national and international transportation, with this you will know if they have what you need.
  • Furniture elevator service. It will not always be required, but in case you are going to transport furniture or large equipment, it will be indispensable.
  • Packaging service. This service guarantees the protection of your belongings during the transfer, which will give you peace of mind.
  • Load elevator service. This is a device specially designed for moving delicate and bulky objects such as pianos.
  • Furniture assembly service. Some furniture is best moved disassembled. The furniture assembly service will ensure that your furniture will look perfect.

Finally, we have the storage room service . If you are moving, but you can not enter immediately to your new property, with this service you will have your belongings protected.

7 tips to make your big moves a success

Large moves require planning, otherwise everything can turn out to be a disaster. The following tips will be of great help to you:

  1. Hire the service of a moving company. In this way, organizing your move will be extremely easy. These companies have movers who will take care of everything related to the move.
  2. Make a list of all the things you have to do. Doing this will help you to have clarity on the steps to follow.
  3. Discard everything you don’t need. This tip is particularly important as it will allow you to save space in the truck.
  4. Prepare the packing plan. Although, when you hire a moving service you will have expert personnel, they will not know how you want to organize your belongings.
  5. Organize all documentation and paperwork. Personal and property documents should be kept in safe custody.
  6. Order what the mover can’t take. There are things like plants and hazardous chemicals that they cannot move. The best thing to do is to take them in your car.
  7. Book your moving service in advance. If you don’t, you may find that they have no availability due to peak demand.

      Finally, we advise you to be prepared with everything you need. Have a kit on hand for each family member with clothing, medicines and personal hygiene items.

    Do you wish to hire large moving services?

    When hiring the services of a large moving company, make sure it is recognized and responsible. Find out about the experience of its waiters and that it has the necessary machinery for this purpose. Remember that you must reserve the service in advance.

    These companies include a variety of services which must be specified at the time of the quotation and contract. Some of them offer cleaning services and furniture storage services where you can store your belongings if you need it.

    Why is it not advisable to make large moves on your own?

    If the move is small you can do it, but if it is a big move it is not advisable because it is a complex process. First of all, costs would increase, as you would have to make several trips to complete the transfer. This means, among other things, higher gasoline costs.

    On the other hand, you will not have at hand the specialized machinery and tools needed to load very large and heavy objects. In addition, if you lack the expertise required for proper packing, your belongings run the risk of deterioration.

    Approximate costs of large moves

    The price of large moves is variable and is subject to several factors such as the amount of furniture to be transported. The type of packaging required and the distance of the shipment also play a role. In addition, if you have contracted additional services, this also increases costs.

    If you want to save money on your move, the best alternative is to compare quotes from large moving services. Keep in mind that the selection of verified and accredited companies will guarantee you a better service.

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