Gifts for Children’s Day and Mother’s Day in Mexico

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Gifts for Children’s Day and Mother’s Day in Mexico


There are more and more world and international days that are shared around the planet; however, there are specific dates that each country maintains, such as Children’s Day in Mexico, which is celebrated on April 30, and Mother’s Day in Mexico, on May 10, respectively. At Datt Express we keep our roots,
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Children’s Day

Since 1924, April 30 was officially established in Mexico as Children’s Day, ratifying their rights for a full and integral development as a person. Years later, the United Nations (UN) instituted the Universal Children’s Day; however, each country celebrates the little ones on different dates.

In general, it is a day of joy among friends and family and among affections more details to live that and every day with happiness.

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in dozens of countries, but Mexican mothers have been honored on May 10th since the early 1900’s. Some sources indicate 1913 and others 1922, Mexico being the first Latin American country to join this celebration.

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The important thing is to remember the commitment with fraternity and understanding towards children and mothers, with activities for their healthy recreation and well-being; but we also like to express our affection with products that are useful and enjoyable for them.

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