How to export from Mexico to USA?

by | Sep 4, 2023 | Logistics

How to export from Mexico to USA?


f you are thinking of expanding your business from Mexico to the important U.S. consumer market, it is necessary that you know the procedures and consider the guidelines that every company must abide by to do so; or that you have a logistics ally who is an expert in cross border to take care of everything, just like us, Datt Express.

Steps to export products from Mexico to the USA

First, consider that when exporting there must be a sales effort in the other country, and that as a business it requires preparation, dedication, perseverance and experience, being a long-term strategy in which the substantial benefits will be reflected in the future with greater international sales, then:

Check if your company is apt to export, being legally constituted according to the Mexican fiscal and commercial legislation for exports.

Obtain the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC).

Determine your market and product: it is possible to export a wide variety of products, you only need to consider your competitiveness and identify your target market in your export project.

General export documentation and requirements

– In addition to the RFC, some companies must register in the Sectorial Register of Exporters.

– It is required to determine the tariff fraction of your product and to know your tariff regulations and restrictions.

In view of the above, the basic documents required in Mexico to export products are as follows:

– Commercial invoice

– Assignment conferred

– Letter of instructions to the customs broker

– Packing List

– Certificate of origin

– Transport document

– Documents supporting compliance with non-tariff regulations and restrictions, for example: sanitary certificates, quality certificates, permits, etc.

Logistic allies

Don’t worry, whether you are familiar with the process or it is your first negotiation, we provide you with integral attention for exports and imports from Mexico to USA and from USA to Mexico, contact us.

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