What is FTL?

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What is FTL?


hen we refer to an FTL load we simply use the initial letters of the phrase Full Track Load, which corresponds to the homogeneous load of a full truck; therefore, FTL means that we use the full load capacity of the transport unit to move goods; learn more below.

When is it appropriate to ship cargo as FTL?

The advantages of this type of shipment can be multiple for your company, highlighting:

– In terms of time, it is a feasible and more effective alternative for companies that need to guarantee the safety and speed of their delivery, since we will travel a single route from our warehouses to its destination and it is not required to transfer the cargo to another vehicle or make stops along the way, having only one final point of disembarkation, which also favors the integrity of the goods.

– Regarding the characteristics of the products you are sending, if they are fragile or very delicate and may suffer damage or breakage when handled, you can ensure the safety of the condition of your goods or that they cannot be affected by the contents of other shipments.

– Regarding the size of the load, if the occupancy of your shipment is more than 12 pallets at a time.

– And for your peace of mind, choosing to ship as a full load will be best because you know that your products are the only ones occupying that unit traveling directly to their destination.

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