Your U.S. to Mexico locker

by | Jul 20, 2023 | Delivery

Your U.S. to Mexico locker


n the electronic commerce of the globalized world, it is essential to have a locker for online shopping, being able to get the most out of the most popular online stores, products and favorite brands that are not available in Mexico, since these companies rarely ship directly to your home.
outside the USA
With your Datt Express locker, you receive at your door in an easier, cheaper and safer way.

We provide you with a physical address to receive, store and ship your online purchases in stores within the United States and deliver it to you in Mexico, making the arrangements for you.

Having such a location as your home address when you need your shipping address, you leave our address.

We specialize in the transportation of goods by land, paperwork, imports and exports; thus, we facilitate the process of purchase and receipt, you achieve savings in shipping and keep your peace of mind, just waiting for your door to door. In addition:

  • Avoid risks due to damage, loss or other irregularities in your shipment.
  • Use our tracking system to track your shipment.
  • Shop online all year round and take advantage of special seasonal promotions such as Black Friday.
  • Our rates are very economical and we deliver in less time.
  • Receive your purchases throughout the Mexican Republic.
  • Enjoy your purchase in the comfort of your home.
  • We accept payments in U.S. dollars and Mexican pesos.
  • We have no weight or dimensional limits.

If you have already thought about everything you wanted to buy, you can do it right now with our locker, talk to a specialist who will give you more details and advise you on the process,
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