Direct deliveries in Mexico, to more locations in the country

by | Jul 20, 2023 | Logistics

Direct deliveries in Mexico, to more locations in the country


At Datt Express USA our goal is to facilitate to each of our customers the logistic process for their shipments of their products and packages directly to their destinations, offering the best variety of alternatives for shipments and the best cost of services; in this way, we aim to your satisfaction, providing the best service, at the most affordable prices, know our rates.

In our effort to provide the most expeditious service throughout the USA at shipping services to MexicoWe have the largest transport capacity over other conventional parcel companies and we have a wide network of branches and allied points throughout the USA through which we are closer to our customers.

We go where others do not

Many of the shipping companies are poorly equipped to conveniently meet large shipment volumes, on time and without inconvenience. Now, we present you with the possibility of counting on the capacity of our fleets and delivery routes to satisfy your parcel needs to more destinations in Mexico, in a more flexible, faster and safer way.

Datt Express USA
shipping your parcels to destinations where other carriers do not reach is no longer a challenge; we overcome the common problems of others by expanding our delivery routes.

Oaxaca, destination with the most delivery zones

Our direct route expansion begins in Oaxaca. Locate your destination!

Zone 1, Central Valleys:

Guendulain. Magdalena Teitipac. Macuilxochtl de Artigas Carranza. Oaxaca de Juarez. . San Agustín de las Juntas. San Andres Huayapam. San Antonio De La Cal.

Rojas de Cauhutemoc. San Agustin Yatareni. San Bartolomé Quialana. Santo Domingo Totaltepec. San Francisco Lachigolo. San Francisco Tutal. San Jacinto Amilpas. San Juan Guelavia. St. Luke Quiavini. San Marcos Tlapazola. San Sebastian Abasolo. San Sebastián Tutla. San Juan La Raya. San Sebastián Teitipac. San Juan Teitipac. San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya. Santa Ana del Valle. Santa Cruz de Xoxoxotlan. Santa Cruz Amilpas. Santa Lucía del Camino. Santa María Atzompa. Santa María El Tule. Santa Maria Guelace. Santa Rosa Buenavista. Santiago IxtalTepec. Teotitlán del Valle. Tlalixtac de Cabrera. Villa de Zaachila. Villa Diaz Ordaz.

Zone 2, Mixes:

San Andres Yaa. San Cristóbal Lachirioag. Santo Domingo Roayaga. Santo Domingo Xagacia. San Francisco Cajonos. San Francisco Yatee. San Ildefonso Villa Alta. San Juan Yetzecovi. San Juan Tagui. San Juan Yatzona. San Juan Yatzona. San Lorenzo Albarradas. San Mateo Cajonos. Santa Marta Albarradas. San Melchor Betaza. San Miguel Cajonos. San Pablo Villa de Mitla. San Pedro Cajonos, San Pedro and San Pablo Ayutla. Santa María Tlahuitoltepec. Tamazulapam del Espíritu Santo. Villa Taclea de Castro. Villa Hidalgo Yalalag.

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