Vehicle transportation in the USA and to Mexico: count on Datt Express USA

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Vehicle transportation in the USA and to Mexico: count on Datt Express USA


e are much more than just parcels and cargo, we are a logistics company that is pleased to offer more special transportation services. We offer cross broder mobilization for all types of vehicles available for shipment from the USA to Mexico and also within the USA.

Cross border

Our services meet the most specific transportation needs for those interested in a fast, reliable and safe border crossing for vehicles, whether private, passenger, recreational, water and even special vehicles for industries, taking care of the counseling, processing and mobilization with agility in the process, professionalism and the attention to detail that our ample logistical capacity allows us. Visit
more about our leading relocation structure.

Ground transportation within and outside the USA

At Datt Express we have a great versatility of units in our ground transportation fleets, either domestically or internationallyThe company can carry all types of vehicles, such as motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, semi-trailers, construction vehicles, tractors, trailers, crawlers, backhoes, excavators, yachts, sailboats, jet skis and many others.

Why ship your vehicles with Datt Express?

– We offer you the simplest and most economical method of transportation for shipping all types of vehicles.

– Your vehicles will be safe.

– Your vehicles will be shipped with their factory-installed accessories.

– Our logistic experience and mobilization capacity allows us to successfully transport automobiles, trucks, vessels; motorized, rolling and even static cargo such as equipment, parts, components and heavy machinery and technology.

– All handling is handled by Datt Express, so there is no need to incur other warehousing or service costs.

Contact us at
Datt Express, a human team and the appropriate infrastructure are waiting for you to fully take care of the transportation of your vehicles.

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