We transport machinery

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We transport machinery


t Datt Express, we take care of the heavy lifting

The need to transport heavy machinery and equipment represents a challenge proportional to its size for various reasons, both for those who need to move it and for logistics providers.

Cargo transport vehicles

One of the most obvious requirements to provide the heavy machinery transportation service is the indispensable requirement to own special vehicles or others with specific adaptations, which must also comply with the corresponding safety standards required by the different governmental bodies for the safety of the operators, other passers-by, the goods they carry and the legitimacy of the same.

Among the types of cargo transport vehicles that are most frequently used for heavy machinery, offering versatility with their design for such purpose, stand out in our fleet:

– Rigid trucks,

– Articulated trucks,

– Open platform trucks,

– Closed trucks,

– Tarpaulin trucks,

– Container trucks.

Special transport sectors

There are several productive sectors to which we provide solutions for this type of mobilizations within the USA and from the USA to Mexico, which given their weight and dimension characteristics are carried by land; among the most common that require our special transportation services, we frequently attend:

– Transportation of construction parts and machinery.

– Transportation of forklifts and machinery for the industrial sector.

– Transport of tractors, agricultural and livestock machinery.

At Datt Express we integrate everything for transporting your heavy machineryWe have the human team and the appropriate equipment to fully attend to this type of very specific procedures; the inadequate handling of cargoes results in millions of dollars in losses, while our physical and processing capacity provides effectiveness for your company and peace of mind for you.
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