Imports and exports from the USA and Mexico: comprehensive care

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Imports and exports from the USA and Mexico: comprehensive care


When it comes to imports and exports, uncertainty arises. Therefore, having a specialized work team or making the right choice of logistics service provider is crucial to simplify the mobilization of your products and give stability to your business processes.

Cross-border logistics expert

If you are in the USA or Mexico and need to move goods from one country to another, with Datt Express USA you get the reliable and recognized support you need, with comprehensive care, maximizing your profitability by contracting a provider specialized in cross-border logistics We are your business partner, taking care of both imports and exports.

Put everything in our hands

Forget about complicated procedures and requirements you don’t know about. We have expert staff that provides advice and support on all regulatory and legal aspects that must comply with the movement of your goods from one country to another.

And if you need more than consulting, we can also
we can do it all for you
. You can delegate in our competent hands the whole process of import / export of goods, without having to have knowledge in it, nor to dedicate efforts to these matters; neither will you have surprises with unforeseen events that you must find how to solve in the middle of the way.

We take care of your logistics

More than just our clients, they are our partners in any part of the USA and Mexico, negotiating with peace of mind since:

  • We take care of border crossing formalities.
  • We have our own fleets.
  • We incur no hidden costs.
  • Insured and tracked merchandise.
  • More than 20 years of experience.
  • We are suppliers to many companies in different industries.
  • We are strategically located for an efficient process.

Contact us at
to learn more about our comprehensive services.

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